Our funders

The War Through Other Stuff team are extremely grateful to our two funding bodies.


The Scottish Graduate School for Arts & Humanities are the world’s first national graduate school in the Arts & Humanities. “Our mission is to work together to inspire researchers who are capable, caring, ethical & reflective professionals with a demonstrable commitment to generating & mobilising knowledge across a range of scholarly, professional & public communities. By sharing expertise, best practice, resources & training we will set the standards for & raise the expectations of the postgraduate researcher experience across Scotland.”

cvhf_trustsquareThe Chalke Valley History Trust was established in May 2012 by the founders of Chalke Valley History Festival to create a charitable entity that would promote the understanding and enjoyment of history.The founders believe passionately that it is vital for people of all ages to learn about the past in order to understand how it is has shaped our modern world and to look to the future with a knowledge of the experience of past generations and the lessons of history. The Trust’s subsidiary, Chalke Valley History Festivals Limited, operates the UK’s largest festival devoted to history: Daily Mail Chalke Valley History Festival.