Conference Day 3

The third day of the War Through Other Stuff conference held at the University of Edinburgh, as told through Twitter. #WTOS17

After a fantastic evening at the Museum of Edinburgh, on the final morning our attendees listened to our WTOS playlist while they enjoyed their tea and coffee (and biscuits) and prepared for our last day of sessions.

Panel Eleven: Anniversaries and Commemorations (chair: Hanna Smyth)

Laura Harrison ‘All Scotsmen are expected to wear their tartan’: Anniversary cycles of the Battle of Bannockburn, 1814-2014 | Claire Gorrara Black October: Comics, memory and representation of the Algerian War | Lizzie Crarer (personal experience) – 14-18 NOW: ‘We’re here because we’re here’

Panel Twelve: Literature and Journalism (chair: Fraser Raeburn)

Wendy Ugolini English Welsh solider-poets and poetic entrancement with Wales: Expressions of hybridity in the First World War | Suchitra Choudury Industrial manufacture and the nineteenth-century representation of the Indian Mutiny | Stephen O’Neill ‘The flash-bulb firing-squad’: The complicit journalist in late troubles narratives

After a quick break to change rooms, we got going with our final two panel sessions.

Panel Thirteen: Handicrafts (chair: Bethan Bide)

Maria-Caterina Bellinetti The spinning wheel in wartime China: Women in-between Confucian tradition and socialist revolution | Nico Ferguson Exposing paradoxes of the Chilean dictatorship through Arpilleras | Alison Mac Cormaic The consumption and display of Long Kesh/Maze handicrafts, 1971-2016

Panel Fourteen: Material Legacy (chair: Claire Gorrara)

Guy Hinton Memorialising the wars of the 1850s: The People’s Park, Sunderland | Hanna Smyth – ‘We live among the ruins and the echoes of Armageddon’: First World War cemeteries and British imperial identities | Georgia Mackay Just to walk: Shoes as war memorial

After lunch, we ended the conference with a Long View debate, inspired by an ongoing event at the Chalke Valley History Festival. One of our generous funders was the Chalke Valley History Trust.

Long View debate: How does the ‘stuff’ of war reflect/affect the lives of people living through periods of conflict?

Claire Robinson (Collections and Exhibitions Curator, Museums Collections Unit, University of St Andrews) | Karen Mailley-Watt (PhD, University of Glasgow and Glasgow School of Art, The History Girls) | Dr Iain Banks (Senior Lecturer in History/Battlefield Archaeology, University of Glasgow)


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