Conference Day 2

The second day of the War Through Other Stuff conference held at the University of Edinburgh, as told through Twitter. #WTOS17

After a late night at the film screening, we had a wet start to the day, with Storm Doris fulfilling everyone’s stereotypes about Scottish weather. Our attendees were treated to rain, snow, and a lot of wind!

After enjoying some tea and coffee while drying off, we got started right away with our first two panels.

Panel Seven: Images of Soldiery (chair: James Wallis)

Ewan Morris – ‘Kia Ora, “Fighting Mac”‘: Maori and the New Zealand Tour of Major-General Sir Hector Macdonald | Stacey Clapperton – The extraordinary case of Percy Delf Smith: An artist-solider on the Western Front, 1916-17 | Paul Newman – Match of the fray: Sporting at war and peace with the Regiment of the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards

Panel Eight: The Power of Objects (chair: Freya Gowrley)

Oula Seitsonen & Vesa-Pekka Herva Rural folk magic and modern war: Special features from WWII prisoner-of-war camps in Finnish Lapland | Lucie Whitmore ‘War Jewels’: Emotive objects and First World War fashion | Lucy Hall Animate objects: Identity, anxiety and the uncanny object in Second World War and post-war culture

Our next two panels got underway after a break for lunch.

Panel Nine: Performing War (chair: Lizzie Crarer)

Catherine Bateson Lyrical reports of conflict: The Irish wartime experience in American Civil War songs | Helen Brooks Staging the Great War in the British theatre between 1914 and 1918 | Fraser McCallum Allegorical now: The Vietnam War and American cinema, 1967-1976

Panel Ten: Gender and Identity (chair: Rachel Richardson)

Jenny Roberts Postcard photographs and the representation of ‘Munitionette’s’ femininity | Nicole Cassie ‘Becoming an ice queen’: The coping methods of medical staff who served in the Vietnam War | Jana Jankuliakova German body politics prior and during the Great War in the military propaganda postcards and Ernst Friedrich’s ‘War Against War’

We indulged in some more tea, coffee, and conversation, before coming together for our keynote.

Keynote: Professor Tony Pollard, War in other worlds: Depictions of battle in works of fantasy and science fiction

The day ended with a ‘museum late’ event at the Museum of Edinburgh, featuring a War Through Other Stuff treasure hunt in the museum galleries, a musical performance from Louise Jordan (;No Petticoats Here’, a poetry reading from Jo Young, an introduction to the ‘War Frocks’ exhibition, and the opportunity to meet the curators and view special collections from the Museum of Edinburgh, The Glasgow School of Art Archives and Collections, and the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards Museum.

At the end of the night everyone was struggling to believe we only had one day left…


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