Conference Day 1

The first day of the War Through Other Stuff conference held in February 2017 at the University of Edinburgh, as told through Twitter. #WTOS17

Conference organisers Lucie Whitmore, Laura Harrison and Catherine Bateson opened proceedings with a quick talk about where the idea for the conference had come from, and some thoughts about seeing the ‘war through other stuff’ in everything. Then it was on to the first two parallel sessions.

Panel One: Pastimes (chair: Lucie Whitmore)

Lucy Moore – A Graphic War | Martin Johnes – ‘Everyone is talking of food’: Christmas Dinner on the British Home Front, 1939-45 | Rachel Richardson – ‘Lucky to get ashore’: British war workers and tourism during the First World War

Panel Two: Civil War Perspectives (chair: Catherine Bateson)

Mary Jacobs – ‘Not a meere mercenary Army’: Military manhood and the English Revolution | Damian Shiels – ‘God Has called your husband to the other shore’: Exploring the letters that turned wives into widows in Irish-American widows files from the American Civil War | Fraser Raeburn – Crowdsourcing a war effort: British support for the International Brigades in the Spanish Civil War

After a break for lunch, the next two sessions got the afternoon underway.

Panel Three: Methods of Commemoration (chair: Laura Harrison)

Lizzie Crarer – The Heroine Project presents – ‘Embodied history: Understanding the impact of war on one woman’s life, through theatre and ‘other stuff’’ | Bethan Bide – Memory and materiality: Uncovering echoes of austerity in a museum fashion collection | Dr Ralph Harrington – Military miniatures: the scale modelling hobby and the domestication of war

Panel Four: Media & The Image of War (chair: Michael Reeve)

Roseanna Doughty –Under the stony gaze of… Churchill’: Britishness and the enemy from within during the 1970s. | Martin Bellamy – Captain Marvel and the Blues: Literary responses to wartime shipbuilding | Claire CarolinFlammable material: Official and unofficial images of Belfast in the Troubles

Panel Five: The Stuff of Bombardment (chair: Lucie Whitmore)

Catriona McIntosh – Dresses and uniforms: Women and children living under siege // Indian Uprising 1857 | Michael Reeve – Fear, anxiety and place identity: depictions of architectural destruction and the ephemera of bombardment on the WWI home front | Jan Tattenberg –
Hidden in Plain Sight: War in Hannover’s New Old Town

Panel Six: Women’s Experiences of War (chair: Wendy Ugolini)

Daniel White – Exploring the evidence for peacemaking women in medieval Iceland |
Karen Mailey-Watt –
Illuminating the war: The Glasgow School of Art & the rise of the female designer | Fionnuala Walsh – ‘War brought to our very doors’ women and everyday life during the 1916 Easter Rising in Ireland.

Once the papers had finished for the day, we headed over to Edinburgh’s brilliant independent cinema Filmhouse, for a special screening of Pan’s Labyrinth. The film was introduced by Dr David Archibald, who specialises on film interpretations of the Spanish Civil War, and followed by a Q&A.

That’s it for day one! See our other stories for days two and three, and a psot-conference roundup.


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